Learn About our Brand Change Important Information and FAQs

RadioTunes is a new brand for the service that was once called SKY.FM Radio. We're the same dedicated team with a new name. Our company is expanding, both in the depth of our music offering, and the breadth of our reach around the world. To facilitate our expansion, we have created a fresh brand that more accurately embodies what we strive to offer – skillfully curated music of all genres and styles for everyday listening.

RadioTunes offers the same great channels and service that was once found on SKY.FM Radio, plus many new improvements. We’ve upgraded the audio quality of all of our free and Premium streams, and have added a selection of new channels to celebrate our launch. We will continue to add new channels and expand into previously unexplored genres in the coming months. We’re committed to providing all of our listeners with the best music at great quality, so you will choose RadioTunes for your daily music fix.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about our brand change.

Will my SKY.FM Radio Account work on RadioTunes?
Yes, you can log in with the same e-mail address and password.

What will happen to my SKY.FM Premium membership?
All SKY.FM memberships will continue to be operated as normal by RadioTunes. All plans will remain on the same renewal cycle, and you should not notice any changes. Billing will still be processed by the same service provider, AudioAddict, so your prices and billing statements will all remain the same.

Which new channels did you add?
View all of our new channels by clicking here and look for MANY more coming soon!

How much better is the audio quality?
RadioTunes is now available in 64k AAC-HE for free listeners, and 320k MP3 for Premium listeners. This is roughly a 60% improvement in audio quality for free streams, and even more for Premium listeners! To adjust your audio quality settings, visit the Member Account Settings area.

Did the SKY.FM Radio Apps change too?
Yes. SKY.FM Radio apps are no longer available in the app stores. Some RadioTunes apps are already available, and more are on their way. Visit our Apps Page to learn more.

If you need additional assistance, email support@radiotunes.com.