Free Mobile Apps

  • RadioTunes for iOS

    Over 10 million satisfied listeners every month. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

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  • RadioTunes for Android

    With more than 2 million listeners each day, our rock solid Android app is a fan favorite. Requires Android 2.3 or higher.

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  • RadioTunes for Blackberry

    Whether you chose the Q10 or Z10, RadioTunes runs natively on your BlackBerry. Requires Blackberry 10.

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  • RadioTunes for Windows Phone

    Experience RadioTunes like never before with unique features only available on Windows Phone. Requires Windows Phone 7.5 or higher.

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Supported Hardware Players

  • Logitech SqueezeBox

    Stream RadioTunes Premium on your Logitech Squeezebox by downloading the RadioTunes app for Squeezebox and sign up or log in with your existing RadioTunes account.

  • Sonos Wireless HiFi

    RadioTunes Premium works great on your Sonos wireless device. Either search for us in the global radio listing or manually add a new radio station using the Sonos Controller for Mac or PC. (Note: Connecting to a RadioTunes Premium stream on your Sonos device requires a channel stream URL).

  • AirPlay for iOS

    Our iOS app supports AirPlay natively. The AirPlay icon will appear in the RadioTunes app when an AirPlay-capable device is on the same Wifi network as your iPhone/iPod/iPad.

  • Apple TV

    RadioTunes can be streamed through the Internet Radio directory on your Apple TV. Premium listeners can use AirPlay to stream from our iOS app or a computer running iTunes.